E.Logan is the creator of 'The Adventures Of Zora'. She has over a decade of experience in story telling with diorama.

the adventures of zora




series 1 (7 episodes)

‘The Adventures of Zora’ series is based on an island in the Adriatic. The romantic backdrop uses marine imagery and village life to teach mindfulness. Contemporary themes of diversity and inclusivity, community, and individuality are key. Zora faces challenges in the form of being an outsider, having to make a living, and being responsible for 3 animals. Zora navigates ‘through stormy waters’ with ingenuity and resourcefulness. She has to move on from place to place due to greedy landlords and unlawful people. With what seems a desperate situation, she paints discarded cargo boxes and sells them to the weekly trade ship. After some success, things take a turn once again,  and she is tormented by bullies. Zora learns to recognise the people who care for her. The story addresses the fact that everyone runs into trouble at times, and that bullies have their own pain. Zora is taught to overcome adversity in the most positive way and to know how to ask for help. In the end, her friends fix her boat, and once her option to leave the island is restored, she realises that she is where she needs to be.


Each episode, animated diorama with narrated text

Text to be narrated so that it can be enjoyed by more than one child/different ages (specifically with VOOKS in mind, an online platform for narrated and animated stories aimed at parents to use each night for bedtime/storytime.) The voice of a girl aged 6 and a boy aged 10 will keep the story in the world of the child’s imagination, and keeping the age group broad. As older kids still like very cute things but feel the pressure to ‘grow up’, this will allow them to continue enjoying wonder with their younger siblings, imagined or not. The narration means younger children can follow along without having to read it all. The themes are mature enough to be of interest to the older kids as it addresses bullying and that we all feel like an outsider at times. The imagined environment made by the decorative diorama makes the whole series into an enjoyable learning experience.


Teaching Mindfulness

Story Teaching points:

Resourcefulness in the face of both natural and human challenges in the form of creativity, commerce, and community.

Aimed at kids 6-10 yrs  (good for mixed ages due to text/narration/imagery)
Preparation for adult life told in a traditional fairy tale style but updated by inspiring basic commerce and ingenuity. The main character’s boat springs a leak, so she must swim to an island. There she has her money stolen, so she uses old cargo boxes, decorates them, and sells them to a weekly trade ship. She has 3 animals and therefore has a responsibility to feed them. She faces adversity, and although she remains independent, she learns that community is important.

Overall Mission: with other stories drafted, I plan to build the series further. The basic philosophy is to teach children coping skills, and that life is like the sea. ‘ A great sailor is not made of calm seas’ such quotes will appear through the series, and the sea will be a key backdrop in all stories. Zora’s adventures are fun, colourful, with enough edge to be meaningful.



currently in the writing stage



series 2 (7 episodes)


Each episode, animated diorama with narrated text


Teaching Mindfulness

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