making 'The Adventures Of Zora'

'The Adventures Of Zora' studio. Preparation of a moving image web-series. Mixed media sets of clay, paper, and found objects from around the home during COVID-19. The series has been written and scripted and is now ready to be shot. Music, text, and narration will run alongside the 7 video stories, (each video 6 minutes in length). A hands-on look to inspire young minds to learn coping skills in a fun and unique way. Themes included; are ingenuity and community to overcome challenges such as bullying.



Music to be composed by Iain Gordon

aka Kuki Blaze of 'Fat Freddy's Drop'. This music from his other band The Yoots 

'Hokihoki Tonu Kino'. The sound will be similar to this in instruments, rhythm and feel. 

Iain will also be recording, mixing and mastering the narration. See bottom of page for samples of our narrators.



making 'The Adventures Of Zora'

This is the simple animation style I am working on. The look for 'The Adventures Of Zora' series will retain the home-made look, but it will be a little slicker. I will use stop motion software to capture my diorama from different angles. The characters will move just a little, letting the narration and text carry the story. Keeping the simplicity allows the mind to fill in the blanks and enjoy the imagination sparked by art. 




'The Adventures Of Zora'

Ellie talks about the making of the dioramas and models due to the Covid-19 lock-down. The story that was written a year prior was made into a script and Iain came on board as the composer for the 7 episodes (each 6 minutes in length)


6 year old girl

To feature as the voice of Zora


10 year old boy

The main narrator. Sound artist will record, edit and mix with the soundtrack. The pace will be slowed and paced. The Narrator has humour and great diction.



Untitled_Artwork 16.jpg
the adventures of zora
the adventures of zora
the adventures of zora
the adventures of zora

Work in progress. Zora paints cargo boxes, so that will be the motif for the brand. Colours: Green is for growth and yellow for positivity, black for strength. Look and style for the  opening/closing credits.


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